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I need to clean my mouse. It's moving all kinds of erratically.

Ok, I found this page online and it's hilarious.  Like laugh out loud, close your door so your housemates don't hear you laughing so hard funny.  And I want to share it with you guys.  Herein lies my diemma.  It's funny.  Really funny.  TOO funny.  If I show it to you, you'll abandon my page and I'll just by another lonlely LiveJournal loser.  So, here's what I will do - if you want to know what the page is, I'll tell you.  All you have to do is IM me (See, I already win!  NO ONE is going to IM me just to get a link.  Half the people who read this probably don't even have my screen name.  Man, I am a genius.)*

Forums crack me up.  When I was younger I belonged to a couple.  I think one was for Nine Days.  In college I joined some sex one under the moniker "CunningLinguist" (god, I love me).  Today, I scan the ones on IMDb, and I think it's hilarious.  All these people spend valuable time yelling at someone else because they spelled "remarcable" wrong and think that final destination 2 was the best thriller of all time.  They'll get into hardcore, 8-reply threads just straight up insulting each other.  Oh man, my favorite is when someone goes to the message board for a particular movie and pretends to be the star of the movie and then 4,000 chumps **believe them and get all excited that Will Ferrell actually checks his own message board.  Priceless.  It really is a fantastic way to spend some time.  Go find a random site, register, and just troll the forums.  You will find that some people have WAAAAAYYY too much time on their hands.  ESPECIALLY on IMDb.

I've decided today that I would use the word "enamored" every, sinlgle day.  This may be the best idea in all of 2006.  Next to the guy that said "I should fuck every bitch in the world."  Now that right there is just a fundamentally sound idea
Goodnight, lovers.

* I have a prediction about this.  I'll let you know next post.
**edited on 3/1/06 (fuck you, alex.)
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