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**An addendum**

Ok, so not so much an addendum, I just wanted to use that word.  I am enamored with that word.

- The site in question from the last post is http://www.galaktek.com/.  It is fucking hilarious.  I promise.

- I did not, in fact, "find" said site.  It was sent to me by one April A. Johnson (bupbeephee).

     - She also made me add this addendum,  with her "womanly powers".

          - Ok, so she just asked me to.  I'm so weak.  ::shakes head::

- My prediction did not come true.  I figured that 4 of you would ask for the site, just to be dicks.  No one did.  Clearly I have no friends/loyal readers/life.

Have a good day, JERKS!
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