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My wife's going to love me because I'm going to do whatever that bitch says. Damnit...

I should read my friends page more.  It's kind of hypocritical of me.  I expect everyone to read my page,but I never, ever EVER read anyone else's.  I should get on that.  I just did a quick little scan, and in the past week Kiera has gotten all intelligent and verbose, Durin wishes this lady at work died, Katie Korb actually posted, Derek works for American Idol ::gag::, and Lindsay's depressed.  The things you learn by clicking a simple link...

I just watched Sympathy for Mr. Vengance.  I Netflix'd it because I read in Maxim that the director is known for over-the-top gory movies.  The first hour or so went by with nothing at all gory.  It was confusing as all fuck, but not gory.  Then all of a sudden, and guy starts slicing his own stomach open, you hear the sounds of an autopsy (twice), TWO people get their heads bashed in with baseball bats, a guy gets stabbed in the jugular with a screwdriver and pulls it out to cause the GREASTEST spray of blood I have ever seen, and for a grand finale, the protagonist gets his Achilles tendons sliced which forces him to crumple and drown in a 4-foot deep lake.   All of this in 45 minutes.  And I left out all the suicides, drownings, battery torture, necrophilia, and other buttery goodness.  Turns out that Chan-wook Park made a trilogy of sorts.  Part II is in the DVD player waiting for me to come home tonight.  Part III is in theaters May 5.

Yesterday, I told someone that "wonderousness" is an actual word and believed that with every fiber of my being.  I even looked it up.  ::shakes head::

So right this second I think I'm supposed to be at work.  Jill Schombs asked if I could cover the last 2 hours of her party, I agreed (for $20 ::cha ching::) and that was that.  Then she said we should just switch parties.  Then she said she'd call to confirm.  I gots no call, no IM, no nothing.  So I decided that we switched.  And since I haven't gotten a call from Craptain Bill's yet (see what I did there??) I assume that I assumed correctly.  If not, I guess I'm fired.  Darn..

You know what's not delicious?  Egg salad, especially in sandwich form.  First of all, it's yellow and has chunks of white in it.  Second...I don't know, it's just gross.  I had one last night/this morning and SWEAR I could taste the diarrhea forming.  Dramatic?  Yes, but that's how fucking gross egg salad is.  Now chicken salad... mmm mmm MMM!  Mr. Platnick was correct, that shit is good.

I should probably go shave now.  I'm looking all sorts of hairy.  Hairy=gross.  In 10 or more minutes a clean-saven Kai will emerge onto society and bring joy into people's lives.  And then I'll step inside Captain Bill's and want to murder everything I see.  Ciao!

I had a lengthly conversation yesterday with some ladies at work as to their initial thoughts of me.  All three thought I was gay (surprise).  And then I opened my mouth.  And now one of the three has admitted (although I am not supposed to know this) to wanting "it" from me.  And apparently the numbre rises everyday.  I so win.

Peace in the Middle East, y'all.
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