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I bit two of my nails today. Something must be on my mind.

Tonight, on Middle Country Road, here in Selden, NY, someone hit a telephone poll at around 6pm.  The result: no overnight shift for Kai!  The inadvertent result: I'll be up all night because I slept all day in preparation for being up all night.  Yayyyyyy!!  Oh wait, that's nothing to be excited about.

I've never thought of myself as a spontaneous person, but I had a conversation tonight that changed my mind.  I tend to overthink things.  If anything I consider that my character flaw (that and my large, large penis).  To combat myself overthinking things I try not to think about things too much.  Sometimes, it gets me onto trouble.  But most times, it allows me to have fun, because I'm doing things on the fly.  I have to say, I'm a fan.  Because of my "spontaneity" I have [practically] gotten a tugjob on the dance floor at a major university, thwarted security and the NYPD by breaking into a different university, ridden the train for free in Buffalo for the entire summer of 2002, broken into and vandalized Islip middle or high school (I can't remember which one) after witnessing a robbery from the roof of the South Shore mall, hooked up at work, and done the dirty at my high school.  See what happens when you don't overthink things?  Sex and crime!

So, starting April 1, I will no longer be one America's 46 million without health insurance.  ::holds for applause::  Yeah, I'm excited too.  I've already called my PCP and made an appointment for...tadaa, April 1.  I'm going to get every test done they have.  Mumps, measles, rubella, herpes, prostate, pregnancy, alzheimer's, over-active bladder, EVERYTHING.  I want to be fit for a diaphragm and everything.  It's going to be marvelous.  I'm going to walk out of that office with sore, swollen, puffy arms and it will be so sweet I'll probably get diabetes.  But don't worry, I'm getting tested for that too ::wink::

Ok, so last week I'm checking my mail (yippiekaia@gmail.com) and all of a sudden everything starts flashing orange and I thought I broke Gmail.  Turns out Google intergrated GoogleChat with Gmail so you can send IM's through your e-mail.  It's incredible.  Steve (I'd link his LiveJournal, but I don't think he has one) was the aforementioned IMer.  I was so confused.  Oh, and it does the coolest thing.  In AIM you can send smiley's and they're all cute and what not, but in Gmail they're animated!  They move!  I sent a smiley face :) and it rotated 90 degrees clockwise.  It was incredible.  Then I sent a wink ;) and it also rotated, but then IT WINKED.  I could not possibly express my enthusiasm through words, but let's just say I jizzed more in that 3 minutes than I have in the past year.  Ok, maybe not the past year, more like the past 10 months ::wink::  If you would like to get down with Gmail, I have 49 invitations left.  It sure beats whatever crap e-mail you have.  It winked people.  WINKED!!

P.S. Should I add a picture? And if so, does anybody have any good pictures of me?

And on that note, I'm out.  Why? I have no idea, I'll be up until at least 7am.  Meh.  Night, bitches.
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