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"Yeah, gimmie a large Starbucks."

(I guess you had to be there)

Wow, I didn't realize how long it's been since I've posted.  I apologize to all yous fans out there.  I will try harder to post regularly.

So, what's new?
- My bosses have been talking amongst themselves about me becoming a boss
- Got arrested and spent 16.5± hours in a holding cell
- Had my car towed in Brooklyn
- Finally ate at Smokey Bones BBQ (Smokin' Al's is better)
- Recently called my penis "buddy"
- Fell waaaay further into debt
- Was told I seemed like I was from the West coast, specifically SoCal
- Haven't talked to anyone in about forever
- Cut my right hand 4 or 5 times in 2 days
- Worked at Starbucks way, way, way too much
- Probably got fired from captain bill's (good riddance..)
- Haven't spoken to Danielle in longer than about forever
- Stared reading again
- Began to LOATHE NetFlix
- Began to LOVE Cee-Lo
- Continued to love Pharrell/Chad Hugo
- Missed Kiera
- Watched most of the entire run of Scrubs
- Made a friend out on this craptastic part of the Island
- Got a nasty virus that pops-up lewd pictures of slutty local girls
- Almost responded to one of them named "Submissive420XXX" (it was just a picture of cleavage, but if you saw it you also would have contemplated  e-mailing some random skank from Lake Grove)
- Cleaned my room 43250-7435063265932trtf6t4324yt9p3h4 times
- Got bored with listing what's gone on in the past month

It is clearly time for bed.  I will post sometime this week.  Night, slutbags.
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