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I posted this 2 months ago, but forgot to unprivate it. Oops.

So, I definitely found a used urine sample drug test at work. I'm doing an overnight, it's like 1:30 in the morning and I'm cleaning the bathroom. Sweep--->mop--->mirror--->garbage....wait, something is amiss. The little swinging door is being propped open by something. So I reach in, pull it out, and it a urine sample cup. I know this because the top said "Urine Sample Cup". It also had a list of various drugs with three dots next to each name. Whoever this person is was very drug free. No MARI, or BARB, or COC, or AMPH. Nothing. This person was clean as a whistle (which I have NEVER understood. Whistles are like spit traps that you can't drain. Do you know how many nasty ass mouths have been on whistles, or how many times they've been dropped in the dirt, or if the person whistling brushed their teeth or not?? Clean as a whistle my ass. More like clean as the skank ass ho blowing into it.), or at least their friend is. Three nights later I found another one of the same cup. This brings me to two conclusions: 1) Someone's on parole and their PO wants to meet at Starbucks to have them pee in a cup. Or, 2) Some pothead douche is going to be getting drug tested for a new job and is screening which one of his friend's urine's is the best to use. Either way, gross.

I love girls and they love me back. No story. Just wanted to say that.

Driving home the other night I was the only person on Sunrise [Highway] for 9 exits. Literally the only pair of headlights for the whole span of time. And this was around 11pm Saturday night. Isn't that strange?
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