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I have 21.75 gigs of music on my computer!

So, yeah.  I have not posted for 223 days.  Or 7 months, 11 days, 16 hours, 11 minutes, 21 seconds.  Or 31 weeks.  Or 5368 hours.  Or 322,091 minutes.  Or 19,325,481 seconds.  Ok, I'm done.  That is a long time.  I apologize.  So what have you been doing in that 7 months, 11 days, 16 ho... sorry.  Here's a super quick rundown: nothing.  Abso-fucking-lutely nothing.  I've been working and that's about it.  So that's that for my past.

I was looking through my friends pages just now and I have come to one of two realizations:  Only 3 people post on Live Journal or I don't have any friends.  Either way, it's sad for me.

So this is my majestic return to Live Journal.  Eat it.
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