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Why I am better than her, but more importantly, you:

{random talk about diamond engagement rings)
alex golightly: http://www.tiffany.com/shared/images/engagement/rings/round_brilliant/square.z1.jpg
alex golightly: just get me this.

I don't understand jewelry, but that is nice.
alex golightly: yes... yes it is.
alex golightly: and starting at fourteen grand or so, it ought to be

that's absurd
alex golightly: haha it's all those perfectly cut side diamonds
maybe my bride will have a little accident with a cigar cutter...
alex golightly:
alex golightly: see that, they're alot aalike, but it's a bead-set band... it starts at around three grand
alex golightly: ps. you're fucking twisted

alex golightly:
just marry a kooky environmentalist who opposes the diamond industry
YippieKaiA: like everyone should you mean
alex golightly: right.
alex golightly: everyone except for the newley engaged
YippieKaiA:Think of those poor kids in Ghana and Mali
alex golightly: don't. don't dash my dreams against the rocks of a brutal reality
YippieKaiA: kids who don't have fingers because they've spent their childhood fetching diamonds for yours.
YippieKaiA: Too late.
alex golightly: shut up, kai.
alex golightly: shutupshutupshutup
alex golightly: my diamond will be directly from jesus.
YippieKaiA: You know what a great movie was?
alex golightly: he's a part time jeweler. you know, it's a jewish thing.
alex golightly: let me guess, blood diamond.
alex golightly: shut up.
YippieKaiA: Blood Diamond.
alex golightly: wow. with color change and bold.
alex golightly: i get it, San Kai
YippieKaiA: It should have been called Loss of Innocence and Life Diamond.
alex golightly: asshole.
YippieKaiA: The kids have to sneak the diamonds up their assholes so the can afford to by 12 grains of ride to feed the large extended family.
alex golightly: listen, as much as i enjoy being berated for my taste in blood soaked finery...
alex golightly: thanks. thanks for the imagery.
YippieKaiA: You know, since they only make one gun butt to the head a day.
alex golightly: but i'm going to bed now.
alex golightly: jesus christ on a cross, McNeil.
alex golightly: i love you, you horror.
alex golightly: good night.
YippieKaiA: MUAH!
alex golightly signed off at 1:47:07 AM.
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