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I had a stellar vagina cakes muffin in Frankfurt last week.

John Brown's Body is pretty much the best band you'll ever hear.  Just thought I'd tell you that.  To everyone I know in Rochester and Buffalo, you should go see them at the end of this month.  I promise you won't be disappointed. I have one of their albums shared on AIM.

So, wow.  Derek and Brenna broke up last night.  I kinda feel bad about posting about it, but it's affecting me a lot more than it should.  Like, they were Derek And Brenna, you know?   I remember right before Brenna moved to Buffalo.  She had come out to visit for a week or so and when she went back he told me "I'm probably going to marry her".  I don't even know if he told anyone else that.  From what I know this is only their second time having major problems, and they're too good to not be together, so I'm assuming they'll go their seperate ways for however long, and then realize that they need to be together for my sake, and that will be that.  Derek, I love you.  And your huge wang.

So my boss wants me to be a boss (hooray!!).  And today, her boss talked to me about being a boss (double hooray!!!!)  And it might happen as soon as...a year (Boo!).  But I can wait out a year.  And a year is worst-case.  Maybe I can start the program at the end of the summer.  And by mid-spring, I can move ANYWHERE.  I'm thinking Southern California.  2 of my best peoples are there.  Whatever.  I have plenty of time to think about it.

Ok, so apparently Sean and Teresa also broke up.  What the fuck is going on?  Who's next?  Not be be selfish, but I had wedding outfits already planned out guys.  Where am I going to wear these things now?   Think of me!  I was gonna scam major tail at these weddings.  Now ::sigh:: ...I have 2 words: hook.ers.  You happy?  OK, that was kinda mean, but seriously everyone, stop breaking up.  It makes you sad, which makes me sad, which SHOULD make you re-sad.  So, stop breaking up.  It sucks and you shouldn't have to go through it.

So when Dr. Von Flushenheimer, or whoever, invented the urinal cake, I'm pretty sure they designed it with enough potentcy that one urinal cake would be adequate per urinal.  Now, I don't know if the Greeks are bad at math (even though they invented trigonometry) or if they just don't understand other languages (Von Flushenheimer is cleary German), but they don't seem to think that way at all.  They seem to think that at the Suffolk Diner in Centereach, NY you need eleven.  11!  Eleven fucking urinal cakes in one stall.  The 1:1 ratio was not acceptable to them and they said "Fuck the Germans, I want 11 of those bastards in there.  That'll learn 'em".  But really, was eleven urinal cakes that necessary?  Guys in Centereach are grimy, but goddamn.  And this is why I hate the Greeks.  Goat cheese ::shakes head::

Wow, this post sucks.  Oops.  Night, fuckasses.
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